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Inner city suburbia where you’d least expect it

Holding Hands

Photo from Garry Knight at Flickr

London… the city where dreams come true… that’s what brought me here back in the autumn of 2004. I wasn’t wrong. Perhaps not the opportunities I expected, but opportunities non the less!

Over the time that I lived in the Big City I’ve lived North, South, East and West, currently residing in Docklands in the South East. I’ve lived and explored many parts of South East London and once you leave the industrial sprawl of the Wharf, it becomes much like any other town in the UK, suburbia. Some nice bits, some not so nice bits, but for me it feels the most like home. Docklands on the other hand was never my favourite part of London, and it’s definitely not the tourists traditional favourite either, apart from maybe the sights of Greenwich, but lately it’s grown on me.

The South and East areas of London are undergoing a lot of development these days, in the past they were seen as the cheaper, less desirable parts of the city, but their close proximity to the City and the ever expanding population of London has demanded that they clean up their act and get on board the development train.

Docklands and Canary Wharf has always been viewed as a very industrial area of London, it was where the bankers came to make their fortunes and after 8pm Monday-Thursday and 5.30pm Friday, once the workers had drunk their last pint before making the journey back to their loved ones, the Wharf was like a ghost town. Oh how times have changed.

Canary Wharf now has a little community all of its own. Granted, the back to back intimidation of the high-rises still exists but somehow they have become softer amongst the ever growing yummy mummy’s, upmarket shopping centres and cozy restaurants. For many, the Wharf is now home.

Let me know what you think!

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