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Alone in the U.S of A

The great thing about exploring alone, is that you’re alone. How often in life are we truly alone and happy about it? Sure, many of us are alone and longing for that special someone to wile away the days with (I’m lucky, I’ve met my special someone, which might be why I can appreciate my alone time so much more than I ever could in the past), but when we are at ease with being alone, something inspiring happens; we stop worrying about where we’d rather be or where we think (or others think) we should be and we start living.

Image – Walking alone on a cold sunny day in Greenwich CT

For me ‘living’ is dreaming, thinking, writing, reading, listening, watching and simply being. This has been my first day exploring Greenwich CT. Now, I haven’t covered much in the way of mileage today, perhaps 3 or 4 is all, but my adventures have enriched me all the same.

Today I learnt that when you hire a ‘large’ car in the US, you get a tank; when you walk into a shop it’s not unreasonable to expect to be acknowledged and asked if you would like some help (if you’re reading in the UK you will understand my amazement at experiencing such stellar service); that people in the US (or at least CT) are Starbucks mad; that Americans write books from an American perspective (obvious I guess but I didn’t experience it until I spent an hour in a bookshop and read some snippets, one of which was rather non-complimentary about the English!) and that whatever the researchers tell you about jet lag only having an affect on the way home, is rubbish; I ate lunch at 10.30am, had a biscuit at lunch time, I was craving dinner at 3pm and now all I want to do is sleep.

Today has been wonderful, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my first day in CT. Tomorrow Stamford, then a weekend in Boston and next week the City that never sleeps.

I love you America.

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