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The Island of Surprises

Anxious to get away from the daily grind – and after an impromptu cancellation of our eagerly awaited Lake Garda exploration, due to heavy rain – we booked a last minute holiday to the island of Menorca.

Last time I was here I was four years old and it was one of the only, and certainly the last, holiday I had with both of my parents. Of course, I don’t really remember it but there are photographs of me with my mum and dad on a glass bottom boat – something incidentally that is still a tourist attraction here today, over 26 years later. 20140607-154847-56927222.jpg Menorca, in some ways, feels like it missed the party train when Spain became the tourist trap for the English and Germans back in the 80’s. Although, it hasn’t missed it completely; there are plenty of young families with screaming kids and the cuisine to match; but there is something altogether calmer and more peaceful about this island than the traditional English havens. Forget your high rises and drunken teenagers, Menorca is designed to take you away from it all with peace, quiet and tranquility, but with plenty to feed and entertain the children.


So I’ve been told, Menorca is where a vast majority of birds stop when they migrate to Africa for Winter, on their quest for walmer climes. You see, it’s one of the only islands in the Mediterranean before you reach the African continent, and since it has much food, varied terrains and clean air, the wildlife across the island is quite eclectic. I must admit though, I’m no bird watcher, although the luscious green landscape, peaceful sounds of the birds chirping and the wind whistling through the tress, is enough to calm even my need for constant stimulus.

Coming back to somewhere I visited as a child has got me thinking about how the world has changed in the last 25 years.

When we got here yesterday, one of the first things I did was check for wifi; then when I realised we were still safety connected to the outside world from our little oasis, I thanked god that data roaming on my phone was too expensive to switch on… Contradictory? It is, just like my desire to get away but wanting to stay connected. I feel like the network provider’s crazy charge rates are one of the only things left keeping us from truly being able to live and work anywhere in the world. By not being able to check my work emails I am, for the first time since I started my new business seven months ago, able to switch off. I think Menorca may be one of my new favourite places, thanks to a beautiful villa with private pool, all mod cons and that illustrious serenity, I feel like a new woman and it’s only day two.

Let me know what you think!

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