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Mondays in Angel

Angel is currently my Monday location of choice. This week it’s raining; cold and wet is the order of the day. Once again, I’m wearing inappropriate footwear; regrettably, I chose not to check the weather forecast before I embarked on my adventure. Regardless, I spend my day meandering from Upper Street to St John Street, stopping for numerous cups of coffee and weekly meets with confidants. I pop into vintage hideaways looking for quintessence of ages gone by, wondering if I’ll find a little piece of history to colour my day.

Sometimes, although not today, I stop into one of the locals; having a penchant for real ale it seems rude not to. I chastise myself that I’m doing so on a Monday afternoon remembering that others are sitting behind a desk in a bustling office, but I forgive myself saying that it brings a little creativity to my offerings. Plus, it’s only a half with a bite to eat!

Every week I hit Waterstones, looking for something to jump out at me and take my thoughts along a different path. This week it was a book called The Opposite of Loneliness – Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan. It humbled me, dumbfounded me and unlocked my writers block, all in one hit.


Before getting my second literary hit from the journalism course I attend at City Uni; I stop into Chipotle for a snack; they do the best tacos – and I like a taco. I continue walking down Upper Street full of ideas and drive to splash words on paper. I pass the Starbucks with the fabulous window and wonder what the building used to be before consumerism took over. Every week I pass Friend Street and feel lucky that I have so many people to attach to the word; it’s a constant reminder that I’m never alone in this world. I grab a chocolate bar to get me through my course – I left the house at 8am – and get ready for a 2.5 hour hit of writing tips.

The course is done for another week. My motivation is at an all time high, words dancing around my head like contemporary dancers building a choreography; each of them crashing into each other with heated emotion.

On my way home, I spot a man with no home cuddled under an air conditioning unit blasting out hot air. I think, how clever and I wonder how long it took him to find it, whilst also feeling so happy that he did.

I know my day is complete when I read the ‘thought of the day’ board at Angel tube; every time I smile to myself and feel a sense of comfort and warmth in what feels like a Londoner group hug.

On the tube, I splurge my words onto my laptop and feel I have accomplished much today. Until next week….

2 thoughts on “Mondays in Angel”

  1. I really enjoy walking around Waterstones, I could spend hours in there leafing through the books and wishing I could get them all. Sadly Waterstones is expensive so I generally just note the ISBN and buy elsewhere.

    I like the feeling of wandering around flaneur style that your post suggests.


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