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Expat Eyes – This time feels different

My Story.

In about six weeks from today, I plan to be making the move Stateside.

This isn’t my first big move, although it is my first move abroad. About ten years ago I packed a suitcase or two and bundled down from the good old Northern British city of Newcastle to explore the bright lights of London Town. Back then, I made the decision to leave Newcastle after recovery from a chronic illness that left me unable to walk for the best part of two years. I was grateful to have my life back, and I wanted to spread my wings once more.


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Over the last ten years, I have had ups and downs in making a new city my home, but I’ve never once regretted my decision to move. I knew from the second I made the choice to up sticks that I’d done the right thing, not because I don’t love my home town, but because I needed to grow, and I had a thrust for adventure.


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This time feels different.  

Moving to Southern Connecticut is something my husband and I have talked about on and off for about the last 18 months, but only recently did we decide it was the right time to take the plunge. There is nothing really pushing us to go; our move across the pond is a choice we’ve made together to create a better future for ourselves and our future family. Neither of us is 100% sure we want to go, we just know at this point in our lives that it’s the right thing to do.

I’m neither excited nor dreading the move, I’m sort of indifferent about it. The usual things that people would miss on leaving home; friends, family and familiar things are all swooshing around in my mind, and I know I will pine terribly for every person and local memory. However, right now, six weeks from moving and knee deep in visa forms and red tape, the main upheaval is reorganising my life to operate it from a different base.


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My goal is for Southern CT to feel like home as quickly as is practically possible. I want routine and structure; I want to know where to go if I want a great cup of coffee or I need to get my shoes heeled; I want to know where to post a letter or how to buy a stamp; I want to know where to get the best quality groceries at the best prices; I want to know who to call if the boiler breaks. I want the new place to feel as much like home as the old place.

Maybe my thirst for growth and adventure will return on arriving in the land of opportunity, but right now, I just need to find those work permit forms…

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