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Are you topped up?

As a kid I was described as gregarious, a social butterfly in fact; I found it easy to make friends back then.


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As life progressed, things got in the way of developing and nurturing friendships. Illness first, and then studying became my life throughout my twenties. During these times, I became less and less social and found making friends, and making an effort with current friends, tougher and tougher. I lost confidence in myself and my ability to be social. I lost my wings.

Over the last five years, since completing my studying, meeting my husband and beginning to find the things that make me happiest, I’ve seen my confidence return and my social life pick up once more; but what’s changed?

Despite finishing studying and being fit and healthy, there are many other elements of life that could get in my way and prevent me from making the efforts required to build or nurture relationships.

Since starting my business almost 18 months ago, I can say this is one of those things. Building a business means often being alone and even when one isn’t alone, the meetings required to build a business aren’t like the fun times you have with friends over coffee.

Work demands, finances, and social media making us feel as though time together is less necessary than it once was, are all factors that can contribute to us making little effort to meet face-to-face.

Maybe it’s knowing I’m leaving the country very soon, or maybe it’s an age thing; whatever it is it’s made me realise:

“Relationships worth their salt take effort. For relationships to flourish all parties need to put in some time.”


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Less than four weeks from leaving the UK for the U.S., I have been spending as much time as possible with the people I love dearly. It’s tiring, and there’s a host of organising I should be doing, but it’s given me a sense of satisfaction nothing else in my life can achieve. I love my work, and I have hobbies that make me smile, but nothing lights me up like spending a few hours with the people that I care about most.

Prior to leaving for our adventure across the pond, I feel suitably topped up with the experiences only time can buy.

One thing that will be top of my priority list while I’m overseas is FaceTime with the people that matter most.

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