Everything in Moderation

“Moderation is the key of lasting enjoyment.” — Hosea Ballou

As an English Rose, coming to the US everything seems large. From the drink carton I saw the visa security man drinking as I came through JFK, to the size of a pretzel:

pretzeland any other food or beverage item I seem to order. Many of the cars are like buses, and I’ve rented rooms smaller than the size of a closet we have in our apartment.

American’s don’t do things by halves.

However, it seems that American’s don’t just do large and unhealthy as I imagined from my limited knowledge of the American lifestyle, they just seem to approach everything with more vigour than I’ve seen in my UK counterparts. They’re louder, more enthusiastic and well, generally somewhat cheerier than us English stiff upper lippers!

So, as I’m currently on a bit of a health kick, I decided I’d see if I could put healthy options to the test. Do the Americans do health as big as Mc Donalds, Dunkin and Starbucks?


Unfortunately, so far I’m a bit confused by what is healthy and what’s not. I picked up a bottle of ‘healthy vitamin water’, something that’s also available in the UK but that I’ve never tried. I also decided to try some wraps – supposedly the ‘light, wholemeal’ option. As I read the ingredients of both, I was horrified by the amount of sugar, salt and preservatives present in these seemingly healthy alternatives.

This got me thinking about what we mean by healthy. We often hear of people saying ‘everything in moderation’ is fine. In some sense I agree – things like fatty, sugary foods, eaten in moderation should be better for us – even those items that are marketed as healthy but are actually quite the opposite. But what about those foods that we take as a given for being healthy?

Everywhere you look someone in the small town I live in in CT someone has a green smoothie in their paws. With the press about fruit smoothies releasing too much sugar when blended, and therefore causing damage to our teeth from too much acidity, I wondered if green smoothies had similar cautions attached.

So I decided to look it up. Is a green smoothie every day really good for us? Actually, this article suggests perhaps not.


Image source

So if even the true healthy options – fresh fruit an2015-05-09 06.13.38d vegetables – aren’t healthy (when done to excess), perhaps, as the quote above suggests, if we want to be happy through good health and to feel good about ourselves, a balanced diet – or everything in moderation – is the way forward.

I for one am not about to give up cream cakes, but – as an over 30’er with a distinctly lower metabolism than I had in my 20’s – I’ll certainly be hitting the gym before and after said cream cake!

Let me know what you think!

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