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Margarita and Burrito Fuzziness

Last night, after a tough day of feeling suitably unsettled in my new surroundings, we decided to skip the cooking and head out for Mexican food.

I’ve been for a Mexican food a few times in the past, but not often. In London, it’s there, but it’s not a common find; you’re more likely to find Indian, Thai, Chinese or Italian cuisine. Saying that, a fair few burrito places have popped up around the city in recent years, but I think it still has some way to go to be on par with our American friends.

So, I know I like Mexican food; who doesn’t like a tortilla chip or two, but I wasn’t prepared for the tantalisingly tasty delights of this little beauty: Boxcar Cantina


Tucked away off the main streets of Greenwich and Putnam Avenues and in the middle of suburbia, this gem stands alone looking much like one of the colonial style houses that line the street. If it wasn’t for the intrigue caused by the stream of cars pulling in and out you’d be forgiven for driving straight past it without a second glance.

Walking in we were greeted with a rustic Mexican decor, complete with hunting paraphernalia, skulls as light shades and a backdrop of wooden lodge style seating and paneling.



Boxcar prides itself on delivering Organic, farm reared food, and even the servers wear t-shirts advertising the fact, so you know what you’re getting is quality before you even taste it. The menu delivers everything you’d expect from a Mexican restaurant coupled with some tasty salads for the health conscious amongst us. IMG_2443

And, with an enviable list of tequila choices, ensuring I had what I can only describe as the best margarita I’ve ever tasted, this place got a thumbs up from me before we even tried the food.

I asked for a classic margarita with no ice. This seemed to surprise the guy that served us, but I got exactly what I asked for. Much like a die hard whisky drinker, I’m a firm believer in the motto why waste something so tongue tinglingly tasty by watering it down!

IMG_2449We started with the chips, guacamole and salsa.



The guacamole was creamy, fresh, and the perfect consistency against the crisp, crunchy hand cut chips. The salsa, with a subtle kick, had a raw, natural freshness, coupled with a beautiful sweetness from the chopped tomatoes and onions. Delectable.

For mains we opted for a chicken salad and chicken burrito.


The salad was fresh, crisp and full of flavour. The chicken was buttery soft and seasoned with a house special sauce. For a salad, it was notably moreish!  IMG_2453The chicken burrito was served with a mix (as requested) of hot (green) and mild (red) sauce. It was satisfyingly soft, had a great chicken to cheese ratio, and was perfectly complimented with fresh light and fluffy rice and soft black bean stew.

The food was delightful, and the portions more than enough to satisfy.

Once the food was over I still had a small amount of my margarita left. I sat for a while nursing it, not wanting it to end. After a little nudge from husband I downed what was sitting in my glass, savouring the flavours which remind me of eating salted caramel – that naughty, strangely satisfying taste that logically shouldn’t be that good – and we left for home.

As he drove, I sat in passenger seat feeling a lovely little fuzziness of happy tummy and slightly buzzy tequila head. It was the perfect Mexican evening.

Let me know what you think!

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