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Keep Calm and Photograph Cows

Moving Stateside in the heat of summer has many culture shocks, but for me, one of the biggest, is being summer ready. Firstly there’s the heat. As much as it’s wonderful to have the sun beating down on my back every day (trumping the British summer hands down), and to be developing quite a healthy tan, it takes some getting used to.

Unfortunately, hot means appropriate clothing, and appropriate clothing means getting bits out you may not have seen in quite a few years…

This corner of the States has an eclectic mix of the very large, and the very trim folk. The large often let it all hang out and care not a jot. The trim also let it all hang loose, but they look fabulous while they do it. I feel somewhere in between the two…

Back in the UK I was no fashionista, usually opting for classic styles and whatever I felt comfortable in. Occasionally I’d try something a little bit crazy (crazy in my eyes) like a colourful pair of flats or a top with a print, but everything was usually paired with jeans and a simple jacket.

Given the temperatures in the UK, and the last time we went on a summer holiday being about two years ago, my summer wardrobe is distinctly lacking. It currently consists of a few pairs of shorts, a couple of tops, and maybe a bikini or two…

A few pairs of shorts would be fine, but either all of my shorts and bikinis have shrunk in the wardrobe over the last few years, or my bum has grown. I believe it’s the latter. To top it off my legs are not as desirable as they once were, with dimples appearing in places where they most certainly shouldn’t. Ah, the joys of womanhood.

To add to the stress and strain, getting your body out means de-fuzzing, frequently; waxing, shaving and plucking become regular activities.

Despite being in the gym most days, and progress being much slower than I hoped, I have the body of a mid 30’s gal, not a 21-year-old and at some point I’ll accept that and buy longer shorts…

Until then… I asked my dear husband to take a photo of me this morning to show you what I was wearing. Yes it keeps me cool, and I must have been having one of my braver days when I chose it because for me it’s pretty jazzy, but it’s definitely a few years old and I’m not sure I would choose it now. Most importantly, it shows bits of those dimples I clearly didn’t have when I bought it!

me car park

Also, the photo he took makes me look like a dumpy oompa loompa. Well, ask a man to do something fashion related and that’s what you get… Especially since he left the house in white and luminous yellow and orange trainers, blue jeans and a red t-shirt this morning…

Oh, and yes, I realise the picture is taken in a rather undesirable car park; I was going for urban… Ah well, the beauty of being an expat is no one knows me here so I can happily let it all hang out until I succumb to being older, less trim and ready to spend money on a new summer wardrobe. Maybe next year 😉

Summer stress was certainly not one of the things I’d bargained for when moving to a place when we came last was -10 degrees…

Never mind, I’m off to show my dimples some sunshine. Keep calm and photograph cows.


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