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Writing in the Sunshine

The sun is beating down, but there’s a gentle cool breeze tickling the back of my neck and arms, just enough that I may want to put my cardigan on for comfort.

On the green in front of me, the dogs and their owners are meeting for their early evening playtime. Chasing each other, tails wagging, tongues panting, running freely around the wide-open, luscious green space.


I can hear the wind rustling through the trees and see the sprinklers giving the greenery much-needed sustenance.


A plane flies overhead, and I wonder its destination; pondering if it’s somewhere as beautiful as the setting I’m seeing in front of my eyes at this very moment.

Just then, the sprinklers next to me hiss with the sound of action, and I jump from my dreamy daze of contentment.

I get up and walk to another spot, seeing the beautiful water fountain sprouting in front of me.


I reach for my cardigan, just to take the edge off, knowing I don’t really need it but wanting to fit in with the locals and their covered bodies.

I hear children playing, shouting with glee from the nearby playground.

It’s 6.30pm on a Saturday evening; an evening beverage is calling. I wonder; does life get any better than this?


Let me know what you think!

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