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Introducing Betty

This weekend we introduced the newest member of the Longman family to our brood. No, it’s not a dog, we’re still debating that one, Betty is our beautiful new armchair πŸ™‚

Betty 3

We found her in one of our local furniture stores – Home Goods – similar to TK Maxx in the UK. Incidentally, they have a TJ Maxx here, and it’s the same sort of thing, but Home Goods stuff is a bit brighter, quirkier and well, a bit more me. Much like TK Maxx you have to wade through a lot of junk before you get to the good stuff, but there are finds to be found and deals to be had!

Betty caught both our eyes as we walked around the store; my husband spotted her first; I took a few minutes to take her in, but before long it was love. The picture above is her in the store, before we adopted her and took her home to set the scene for our padΒ across the pond.

She’s firm yet comfortable, supports your back as you sit and allows you enough room to manoeuvre to your preferred seating spot. Isn’t she beautiful?!

I suppose you’re wondering where the name Betty came from, or in fact why we named a chair?

Well, this is the first piece of furniture we’ve bought together that wasn’t bought for function only, and that we both loved from the outset. She had to be named.

This is her in her current home until we move into out longer term apartment:

Betty 1

Why Betty?

Betty seemed like an appropriate name because it’s a classic, sturdy but homely name. You can imagine drinking tea and eating cream cakes while sat on her. Well, I can anyway πŸ™‚

Betty 2

Now for the rest of the furniture hunt!

Happy Tuesday people! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Introducing Betty”

    1. Thanks Mrs Water B! I’m so glad it made you feel good about naming your own furniture – I have to confess, I name most things in my life! Maybe I’m the weird one! πŸ˜‰ Have a fabulous day!

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