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We’re four and a half weeks in. Now that we’re beginning to settle into expat life, many people are asking what we’re doing with our time and how it feels now that it’s not so new anymore.

Well, I have to admit, possibly much to the dismay of many friends and family who are hoping we’ll hate it and be on the first plane back to Blighty, I kinda like it here.

Firstly, so far, the weather has been pretty awesome. There have been a couple of storms and a few showers here and there but, all in all, the sun has shone and I’ve been wearing my three summer outfits on rotation.

Secondly, Americans know how to do flavour. Granted, I’m pretty sure this is due to the vast amounts of salt, sugar, fat and any other additive or preservative they can find to put in food, but flavour all the same.

This menu made my day. The pineapple cake was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of desserts: menuCurrently, I’m drinking a Starbucks Americano with mocha sugar-free flavour syrup and non-fat milk. Strangely, this tastes pretty amazing and I’m wondering why the UK Starbucks don’t have similar extensive options of coffee flavourings. However, I do wonder what the hell is in the mocha syrup if it ain’t sugar? Who knows. I think I prefer to be in denial that it’s healthy.

Things here in CT may not seem cheaper but you can bet your bottom dollar you will get a lot more bang for your buck. (see what I did there?! I do try to be amusing). Portion sizes are huge, everything I buy in the supermarket is twice the size of what I buy in the UK. Except, that is, for cereal. For some reason, the ‘healthy’ cereal options come in box sizes that hold seven servings. Perhaps they expect a single healthy person will want to run to the store to top up on cereal once a week…

The people here are damn nice. After living in London for ten years it was quite the culture shock to be spoken to in the lift (elevator), greeted by the concierge every time I walk into our apartment building, and being given service with a smile and a ‘nothing is too much for you’ attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad bits.The Americans (or at least in our section of the east coast) cannot drive. They don’t understand the concept of a slip road. Yes, you are meant to move over to the fast lane and let people in. Their road rules are built for people who have no idea how to drive; namely the need to put stop signs at the end of every junction. Lastly, the indicators on the cars here are generally red. The same colour as their brake lights. Because that’s logical.

Everything seems to take an age in terms of admin. I guess much like the government systems in the UK – often archaic, get things done eventually, but there’s a load of ball-ache to deal with in the middle bit.

Lastly, here, our loved ones are not, so the laughs we had back home we have only between each other. The American sense of humour means most of my comic genius goes down like a wet fart. Although that could just be me…

Anyway, life here is pretty good right now, we’re getting settled and enjoying the new adventure.

As for what we do all day, well my husband works, and until my work permit arrives I guess I have the enviable title of ‘entitled expat wife’. This includes usual housewife duties of cooking, cleaning and food shopping, drinking a lot of coffee, and basking in the sunshine. Oh, I also built my new work website, hence why there have been no posts for a few days. I am officially a WordPress expert… enviable I’m sure.

Sneak preview: Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.48.41 Until the next time.

Signed life of an expat wife x

2 thoughts on “Expat Wife Life”

  1. You’re so right Clara! The portion sizes are crazy! Everything seems big in the US; maybe it stems from all of the available land space. Who knows. It’s so interesting to see the cultural differences between here and the UK though. I love observing how others live.

    You’re right about the tippers too, although I often see a genuine delight for what they do in many of their eyes. Perhaps some have just perfected the art!

    Thank you so much for your well wishes. I’m actually very much enjoying having some time to just be before starting work again. I know that’s going to be a whole other culture shock!

    Thanks for reading and commenting; it’s lovely to hear from others and share views via the interweb 😉


  2. We’ve just got back from a two week holiday in Florida and I did mention to my husband that it was a good thing we didn’t live there as I’d be the size of one of their trucks! The portion sizes get bigger every time we go… as do the people 🙂 You’re right about the friendliness though and this really is a nice change from the stand offishness of this country. Although there is a certain fakeness to some of it when it comes from people who you’ll be tipping (having said that, tipping seems so compulsory they may as well just grunt at you as you’re still expected to tip!). Hope you continue to enjoy life as an expat wife, and that your work permit comes in good time 🙂

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