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Road Tripping to MA and RI

It’s been a few days since my last post which means we’ve been busy! I didn’t post yesterday because Monday is ‘food shopping and catch up on washing from the weekend’ day. Plus I got lost in a book and only emerged feeling fresh this morning. So, here’s the latest instalment of expat life at the Longmans!

Last weekend we drove to Rochester in Massachusetts (MA) – see map below – to visit my husband’s aunt and uncle (I guess that makes them my aunt and uncle in-law?!).


Stamford is right down in this lower left-hand corner and we drove to Rochester (close to New Bedford on this map) in the lower right-hand corner land mass section of this map. It’s not far, but it was our first weekend away, and our first real road trip since moving here.

They live in what can only be described as a beautiful countryside retreat. After arriving late in the evening to utter darkness (there are no street lights in Rochester), we chatted over beers and food (fried eggs on cinnamon and raisin bagels – try it, trust me, it works), and then headed for an early night. The windows were left open, but the bug screens were firmly closed – much to my dislike, bugs are rife at this time of year.

We woke to a cooling breeze from the open windows and the distinct smell of Christmas coming from the forest of pine trees outside our window. Delectable.

outside house

I was super excited to get out and see it – as you can see.

garden 2

My husband, on the other hand, was rather tired and I believe a bit miffed that I’d woken him at 6.30am to tell him how exciting it was to wake up in the forest.

Luckily a breakfast of homemade buttermilk pancakes and coffee perked him up!

After having our fill of carbs and caffeine, we drove out to a little town called Bristol to see an old British car show. Many of the towns in New England have British names – it makes it home from home. Our family thought we might be missing our UK roots so decided this would be the perfect outing!

This is Bristol – it’s a bit more scenic than the UK version I believe:


bristol 2

It was a scorching hot day, and the show was filled with nostalgia.

2015-06-13 19.07.11

From Beetles to MGs, Jags to Minivans, it had them all.

2015-06-13 19.06.39

Yep, that’s mini me! It had to be, right?

2015-06-13 19.08.12

And one of my favourites!


I love old cars; there’s something so elegant about the ways cars were made back in the day.

To top off the nostalgia, the following day I got to ride in my husband’s uncle’s 1968 R Type Jaguar.

The sound of the engine humming at us as we drove along in the baking sun. Top down, getting waves and toots from passers by appreciating the beauty in the machinery as much as we do. The thrill at the power of the engine with a gentle tap of the accelerator. One day I will have my own vintage sports car. One day.



On Saturday evening, we had the treat of going to Waterfire – an annual event in Waterford, Providence.

2015-06-14 01.07.19

2015-06-14 01.06.42

2015-06-14 01.06.30

The streets were filled with stalls selling street food and souvenirs, and people were meandering the packed paths in the still late 70 degree heat.

2015-06-14 02.59.42

Once darkness falls they light the fires placed every couple of meters along the river. People tend to be rather quiet as the fires are lit and throughout the evening; there’s something very peaceful about the event, not like many street festivals I’ve been to.

2015-06-14 03.27.41

There’s also soft rock and classical music playing in the background creating a truly peaceful and calming feel to the evening. Everyone is milling around – no one in a rush to be anywhere. There were people enjoying dinner from the many restaurants overlooking the water. The atmosphere was truly serene.

2015-06-14 04.22.48

Also, you can ride along the river in a gondola, sailed by men dressed in traditional Italian attire. Apparently there’s a big Italian influence in Providence, so it’s now earmarked for where we’ll spend our first wedding anniversary!
2015-06-14 04.14.30

2015-06-14 03.53.54

The above picture is one of the fire throwers and eaters. I’d like to take credit for this one, but my husband took it. I love it.

2015-06-14 04.12.25

This is a pic of the family who was patient enough to stick with me while I took endless photos.

2015-06-14 03.14.27

It was a fabulous event and one we’ll visit again. You can’t beat a weekend with family making memories. Bring on the next one 😉

Let me know what you think!

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