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Writing is a lot like a faithful dog—and here’s how

My post on @dreamplaywrite today. It’s a wonderful feeling to know others enjoy what I write and want to share it. Thanks to everyone for your support.

What Inspires Your Writing?

Even the striking beauty of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, couldn’t keep Rebecca Longman from wandering away. To London she went, where she dubbed herself the “Adopted Londoner,” but even that moniker is wearing out its welcome as she gets her bearings in her newest hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Luckily, getting her bearings involves one of her favorite activities: walking.

Even in her adopted city, she’ll opt to proceed on foot over hopping aboard the iconic London Tube, as she explains in one of her articles. “My mode of choice?” she opines. “The two assets I was given at birth, that often I think people forget they have. I have abandoned the trusty tube in all but essential situations. Now, I walk.”

You can even tell this born explorer that she can’t work for almost six weeks?that’s how long she had to wait for her work permit when she moved…

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