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Only Boring People Get Bored….

The last few days have been a touch challenging. My work permit, which I thought would arrive towards the end of last week, still isn’t here, and I’m beginning to feel like the grass is growing beneath my feet. I’m still keeping busy, but the business has been at the forefront of my mind and I feel like my hands are tied until my I get my permit.

I guess the main problem is that I’ve been distant from work for long enough, that I feel as though my workplace knowledge is seeping out of me more each day. My husband assures me that it’s not, and that it will all come flooding back once I start again, but I can’t help feeling my confidence waning. I wonder if other trailing spouses feel this frustration, and I can only imagine mothers who are keen to get back to the workplace – post baby – may experience the same phenomenon.

So, my work life frustration is why the blogs have been a bit quiet. However, today, after a mini outburst about being bored over breakfast this morning, I decided to listen to the adage ‘only boring people get bored’ and start writing again.

So, what is going on in this expat wife’s life?

Despite waiting for my work journey to take off, life is good. Our apartment is taking shape; we have the last bits of furniture arriving within the next few days, and we’re feeling more settled by the day.

This is our new dining room area – with the table and chairs I adore!

dining room

This is our guest room – which I believe looks suitably inviting! You can also see my new starfish lamp in the corner. So me. Love it. 😉

guest room

We’re also looking forward to heading back to Blighty for a planned few weeks at the end of this month. This is one of my favourite London snaps which I took in Trafalgar Square in January, when out exploring the sights with my mum and step dad.


However, coupled with home building and planning trips to see loved ones, we’ve still managed to fit in a spot of exploring. Sunday was adventure day where we road-tripped in NY state and saw some of the Catskills countryside – another post to come on that very soon.

Other than that, I’ve watched a lot of TV. I’m particularly fond of the Danish show ‘Rita’ at the moment, which is available on Netflix for anyone who fancies a bit of comedy drama. And, I’ve been doing my doting housewife duties of shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

There’s also one more interesting thing I did, and that was meet another new friend.

While hunting through the online MeetUp groups (trying to convince myself that I would be fine going alone to some event with a load of strangers), I found a group for local small business owners that looked interesting. As I trawled through the list of group members, I saw a woman who’d featured her blog on the list and it struck my interest.

So, I got in touch and we arranged to meet for a spot of lunch. Valerie, is the owner of a small fashion business and writer of an awesome fashion blog, NetSkiBeat. Over crepes and salad, we chatted about the local area, me being an expat, her work, and particularly our passion for building our businesses. She also introduced me to loads of small business resources in the area; many of which seem a lot more accessible and plentiful here than they did in London.

Valerie’s fashion business is really taking shape and her drive and enthusiasm for growing it gave me even more fire in my belly to get mine up and running! She also certainly put me to shame in the fashions stakes – not that that’s too much of a challenge!

So that’s me. I’m doing ok, keeping busy and eager to get started with the new business. Oh, and I’m glad I decided to write again 😉

Hang fire for my next post with snaps and stories from our Catskills road trip!

3 thoughts on “Only Boring People Get Bored….”

  1. I love those chairs that you got with the table. Gorgeous! That’s so sweet of you to mention me. It’s great meeting a new friend that shares similar interests especially when it comes to writing and building a business. After reading your other post about your recent adventure to the Catskills, I realize we have another thing in common! The hubby and I also ski. Well, he skies and I snowboard almost religiously during the winter so I will have to get you two connected with our club for discounts on lift tickets for next season. Talk to you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You guys ski?! Amazing! We’ll definitely take you up on discounted ski passes and any other tips and tricks you have for skiing in the states!

      Thanks re our decor too! 😉

      Chat soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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