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Sustenance – The Cheat’s Way 

Since arriving in the States, there one culinary delight that I’ve missed more than any other; more than a good cup of tea (although that’s come close), more than a breakfast cereal that isn’t coated in a 2 inch thick layer of sugar (although again I’ve considered bringing a suitcase of Alpen back with me), and even more than Cadbury’s chocolate which they seem to butcher with some kind of anti melting agent that makes it taste like plastic and gives it the texture of rubbery cheese.

The thing I’ve missed most is that wholesome staple that us Brits eat with everything, even though I hadn’t realised my reliance on it to date. It’s bread. Soft, light, fresh, thickly sliced, perfect toasted with a bit of jam or butter, and readily available from any supermarket or corner shop.

Here, they don’t get it. Much like many other American food it seems, bread is processed to the max. Filled with extra sugar, salt, additives and whatever other flavour enhancers they can find to make it taste like something you wouldn’t feed your neighbour’s cat.

So, after trying many different types and finding the only decent bread options are $5 a loaf (about £3.50) and even then you’re limited to a passable french stick… I decided to make my own.

As I believe I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am no culinary genius, so when I came across Nigella Lawson’s Lazy Loaf recipe I knew it was made for me.

It really is so simple to make. Granted it took me a while to find yeast in the supermarket (it can either be in the dried baking goods section or some supermarkets keep it refrigerated. Any issues, just ask, they always have it somewhere.) but otherwise prep was easy.

When it comes to making the bread, its a simple case of chuck in all of the ingredients and stir. I didn’t have semi skimmed milk so I substituted for almond milk but other than that it was as easy as pie. And I didn’t have scales so there was some further improvisation on my part!


The bread came out a little moister in the middle than my husband would have liked, but I loved it! It’s not British bread, but it’s a huge improvement on the U.S. options. I think it tastes a bit like soda bread and is lovely with a nice dollop of strawberry jam.

I’ll certainly be making it again! Enjoy bread lovers!!

8 thoughts on “Sustenance – The Cheat’s Way ”

  1. I agree the bread situation isn’t the greatest in our area. Forget about finding decent bread in the supermarket. We have a few bakeries in Stamford that are much better options. However, you can’t beat homemade bread! So many things you wouldn’t expect are loaded with added sugar that is over the daily recommended amount for one serving, especially breakfast cereals. Will there be some of you bread for me to try tomorrow?;)

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  2. I was pretty sure that I was going to develop Adult Onset Diabetes in America from the breakfast cereal alone – 2 tablespoons of sugar in a 30g bowl? I may as well eat cake… or a breakfast muffin (which what we call cake in morning).

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  3. Bread…it is hit or miss depending on where you live. Here in Chicagoland where I live, you can get those wonderful European loaves, especially the Central and Eastern European ryes. You would also have no problem if you lived closer to New York. Please don’t paint Americans with the broad brushstroke by saying “We don’t get it,” with your experience of Connecticut.

    I can get Alpen and Wheetabix here too.

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    1. Hi British American Life,

      I’m so sorry I’ve offended you; I’m quite aware my experience is very limited to CT. I guess I’m doing what most visitors to the UK do when they think the whole of the UK is like London! I usually caveat my comments with being in CT but I failed to do so on this occasion. I’ll be sure to reference my experience in future though. The U.S. Is huge; I have a lot to learn 😉 thanks as always for commenting.

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      1. Don’t worry, Becca, I didn’t have you pegged as a Daily Mail reader.

        You are in that awkward phase of not having the food you like around you but not experiencing enough of the new food to have the substitutes under your belt. I remember that phase well. It was the early 1990s. I was in East Anglia, and I was dying for a proper piece of pizza, and the Domino’s delivery was the closest thing to fit the bill. I totally get it.

        Getting in the kitchen is great way to get over that hump, so kudos for the bread baking. Being open to trying new things is always good too. America is known for its breakfast joints. Go out for breakfast, and see if can get a few hints of inspiration for your own meals. You will be unimpressed with the bacon, but we are masters with our eggs. Blueberries should be in season your way too, so I bet working that in with yogurt or other fruit would make for a treat. Just tossing out some ideas.

        Oh, and please call me, Karen.

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      2. Hi Karen, you’re right; it’s a transition thing. But, eggs and blueberries sound awesome so I’ll be on the lookout for the best of those! I’ll also keep up with the cooking 😉

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