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Quaint Cannondale

A teeny tiny speck of a village; forget to glimpse right from the 7 highway and you’ll miss it. Cannondale is a historic gem of a spot with quaint written all over it.


Our reason for venturing there today is to pick up our British fix from a little store called ‘Penny Ha Penny’ – our local English shop.


Penny Ha Penny is a treasure trove of our favourite British household names and it fills me with childish delight every time I walk inside. Many of the goodies I haven’t seen in, or purchased from, English supermarkets since I was a kid, but nostalgia compels me to buy them all the same. This time we’re here to pick up some sweet treats for a gathering we’re having at the weekend for our American neighbours. We’re always keen to share the Brit love with our fellow Connecticans!


On this occasion, I even managed to pick up a ‘Mum’ card for Mother’s Day. Trying to find one that doesn’t use ‘Mom’ is impossible. I’ve come to realise that it’s the little things that mitigate homesickness as time goes on for Expats. Even using the English spellings for words becomes a treasured act although not one that’s appreciated in the workplace!

The owner there knows us now and always wants a ‘Bean cuddle’ when we arrive! Unfortunately, the little man slept through this visit, but we’ll always be back!

There are more delights in the little alcove of Cannondale square; a renowned restaurant which we’ve yet to try, but have heard it’s a wonderful spot with delicious food, a charming doggy daycare, a general store, and across the way a school for guide dogs. IMG_3511.JPG




One final sparkle of this delightful spot is the mini ‘Art Shed’. I’m also yet to see this place inside since it only opens on weekends, but I think it’s an artistic marvel just as it is!

IMG_3510.JPG It’s amazing what you find when you take time to explore the side streets…

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