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Baking up a storm…

The trees are swaying in the howling wind, but we’re tucked up indoors feeling lucky that we (by we I mean my forward thinking hubby) bought a generator. The power looks scarce in our neighbourhood and trees have already fallen and blocked some roads. The storm is only just beginning; by 10 pm tonight winds are expected to reach 50 mph.

As the comforting hum vibrates away in the background I sit with my piping hot tea looking over the pictures of a fruitful day of baking. We have our neighbours popping by for a coffee morning tomorrow so I’m putting on a spread of British baking and nostalgic treats.

I resorted to my trusty Victoria Sandwich Cake from the Great British Bake Off book. It’s fast becoming a favourite of mine. I always get positive feedback from this simple yet trusty creation and each time I make it I feel my sponge gets spongier and lighter. You can’t go wrong with a tried and tested creation particularly when it smiles at you! 😉




I also made a simple shortbread, again from my Great British Bake Off book. It came out beautifully and is tantalizingly moreish with it’s creamy, crumbly texture and sweet kick.


I love it when there are leftovers for intermittent snacking throughout the day!


It’s ended up being a funny sort of day because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed baking and avoiding the outdoors, but felt somewhat guilty for doing very little exercise today. I say little because I count ‘picking up’ and ‘picking up after’ the Bean as exercise these days! It’s funny how some days social media can motivate me to get up off my butt and do something and other days it can rob me of my sense of ease.

Either way, my smiling cake and my smiling baby has kept my cheer in check!


Happy weekend everyone!

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