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Arty Farty

Art galleries are some of my favourite places to be. My mum always took me to them when I was a child and spent time educating me about the different artists and artistic approaches. I don’t claim to know much, but I know there are certain periods and types of art I’m more drawn to than others. My favourites being abstract, impressionism, cubism, surrealism,  some oil paintings, and some photography. When it comes to oil and photography it’s more the medium I appreciate than knowing enough about the periods to be more specific. I also love bright colours.

A few of the pieces that caught my eye on this trip were:

Robert Delaunay – Eiffel Tower


(The Bean wasn’t so keen…!)

Winter Landscape with Church – Wasilly Kandinsky


The colours and whimsical feel of this piece gave me a cheerful yet thoughtful feel.

I also bought a print of Picasso’s – Le Moulin de la Galette. I love Picasso and this image made me want to put my glad rags on, drink wine, dance, and relax. Things that are hard to come by with a new baby in tow!


There were a couple of other exhibitions that struck a chord. The first was ‘One Hand Clapping’ which explores the way globalization affects our lives today and will in the future.

These were the images that stood out most:

The large piece on the left is from a huge global Japanese company that sells everything from bicycle helmets to art, clothing to airline travel. They’re a monster of an organization. As someone who’s spent their career advocating the power of motivating people to work, you can imagine my shock at this sentiment.

The top right is images of’s factory. There was a video of them ‘at work’ supporting these images. Ones of the scenes showed a man stacking shelves in a warehouse. A woman walked past him and he failed to acknowledge her. Seconds later a robot trundled past playing music. The man turned around and began interacting with the robot. The scene sounds simple, but the powerful message behind this has sat awkwardly with me ever since.

The bottom right is a man wearing a virtual reality headset. There was a queue to try it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join it with the pram in tow.

Another exhibition I loved was ‘A Year with Children 2018’. The images we’re stood next to are ‘selfies’. Children were asked to create images of how they see themselves. I love the artistic interpretation of something we know as a technological phenomenon and the eclectic mix of ways the children see their personalities.

It was a challenge taking the babe to an art gallery, and I got some very funny looks from people – especially when he had a screaming fit during lunch in the gallery cafe – but art is something I hold dear so I’d like to instil it in my offspring!

I just looked up future exhibitions and ‘Chagall – The Breakthrough Years’ is coming soon; one I’d love to see!

Let me know what you think!

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