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A Rare Night Off

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went for a birthday dinner at The Schoolhouse in Cannondale. The Schoolhouse is a small, but perfectly formed treasure in the heart of the historic Cannondale village. I wrote a piece on Cannondale a few weeks back and in 2017 The Wilton Bulletin featured an article delving deeper into its history:

“Before it was home to the award-winning Schoolhouse at Cannondale restaurant, the Victorian-style building at 34 Cannon Road served as a one-room schoolhouse for children of Wilton’s seventh district from the early-1870s until the late-1920s.”Source

I eyed the restaurant when I first found Cannondale about twenty weeks into my pregnancy. About the time I was beginning to enjoy my food again! I vowed to visit once I had the baby and could enjoy a glass of vino with the food. I made inquiries and discovered it was tough to get in so I made sure to reserve a table well in advance.

The venue was everything I hoped it would be. Cosy, yet bright and welcoming. I felt propelled back to holidays I’ve spent in Italy, Spain and Greece with picturesque views of the surrounding river and greenery. I find it rare to stumble upon a restaurant here that doesn’t have the typical American atmosphere of a sports bar or diner so I was delighted at its European feel. It helped that it was a lovely warm evening so I could whip out the new summer dress I was dying to wear.

We were greeted and seated by a few members of staff each of them sporting a friendly smile. Our table was set beautifully with crisp white tablecloths and shiny silver cutlery and we were handed our menus with our name printed at the top. A charming personal touch.

One of the first things I spotted was the need to advance order the chocolate souffle with chocolate sauce and coffee ice cream for dessert. It was the first thing we did. Next came the starters and mains. To start I had ricotta gnocchi and for main the pork loin. The dishes were delicious, but nothing outstanding. Dessert, on the other hand, was to die for! We paired the meal with a bottle of pink champagne. Scrumptious and perfect for a bright summer’s evening.

The meal was good; pricey but deserved for the ambience and quality of food. I wished I’d taken photos of the dishes, but it didn’t feel appropriate to do so in such a beautiful setting.

However, for me, it wasn’t the meal that made the evening. It was that, for the first time in seven months, I was out for dinner without the baby and without a car. I was with a good friend talking about things that interested us both. I could relax, eat without interruption, savour my food, drink without the concern of driving home, and chat without the constant worry of tending to the bean. I had the chance to be present. I had no idea how precious that was until the mini human came into my world!




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