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Memories of Home

Something a little different today…

We’ve lived in the U.S. of A. for over three years now and it’s been an interesting journey. Each year has brought a new challenge that has unsettled my understanding of me. First, a move to a new country, second being pregnant while moving house, and, finally, becoming a mother. Three and a half years in and I feel I’m finding me again. I love our current adventure and our new home, but I also love to remember days gone by and the experiences that made me, me.

Lately, I’ve been decorating our home with some sprinklings of my first home and a place I’ll always be proud to say I grew up, Newcastle Upon Tyne. When I was about eight or nine my mum and I spent Sundays with friends on the iconic Quayside. A large piece of my heart will always live there… Here’s a little snippet from my memories…

The cobbled streets contort our feet as we meander down to the Quayside. The market is closing up for another Sunday. The harsh wind sweeps across the water and whistles through the now empty stands. We walk, arms linked, towards the van. He’s still there, smiling as we get closer. “Usual willicks, girls?” Lynn smiles “aye”, she says and hands over her 50p. I grimace as always. Lynn pulls the pin out of the newspaper, pricks the small snail-like creature and plops it into her mouth, sucking at the salty goodness. I want to like them; the delight on her face tells me I should, but the thought of eating one makes my stomach flip. “Girls, turn left here and find us a table at Jimmy’s.” We walk out of the bright day into the smell of stale cigarette smoke, sweat and beer, partially masked by bleach, and hunt down a table. It’s warm and it draws us in despite the stink. It’s just 12 pm and it’s quiet as usual, except for a couple of regulars, pint in hand at the end of the bar. They’re still wearing their coats as though there wasn’t time to remove them before ordering a drink. We sit. No need to look at the menu, we know what we want. Egg mayo baguettes and cokes all around. Our mums walk in and continue their catch up. The bright lights of a slot machine catch my eye and I look at Lynn. I beg mum for 20p. She searches her coat pocket and hands it to me. “Stay in sight, Bec, the food will be here in a minute.”

It looks so different now!

Let me know what you think!

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