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Seeing The Other

She’s shouting, loudly, although many don’t hear her. She wants them to see; to see what she sees. He creates and builds, momentum high, pushing through the resistance. They need to understand. He knows he can do it better and bring something they don’t have. If only they knew what he knew. She shares more; maybe this will convert their thinking. Maybe this will help them to see what I see; to see what’s right, what’s just, what the world should be like. The sides remain stagnant. No one changes. No one budges. People shout louder, longer, faster, stronger. Still nothing. It’s war you see, but words are the weapon of choice.

Recently I’ve noticed how many people are shouting about their cause – including myself. People everywhere are looking for someone to listen to their plight. Political, religious, family, sickness, work, leisure and pleasure. We live in an age and society where it’s OK to speak out. Where we’re encouraged to say our piece. Where we use every medium possible to share our thoughts and views on the world. Inside or outside of technology, we’re in a time where we all want to be heard. We all want those around us to listen. We all want people to choose our way, our approach, our path.

I wonder whether we’re becoming too stuck in a mindset of creating our own success. Even when we believe, or know, we’re doing good for others. Speaking up for things others won’t speak up about. I just wonder…

Have we forgotten to listen?

When anger, frustration, adrenaline and the need for success become centre stage, we forget that others have a voice too. We may not agree or understand, or believe their way is better, but are we shouting too loudly and for too long that we’ve forgotten that their view is just a valuable, fair, and allowed as ours? If we stopped and listened – actually listened without any judgement, any agenda, any desire to speak, would we see things slightly differently? Might we change our tact?


3 thoughts on “Seeing The Other”

  1. Interesting post. the other side could be that maybe people are desperat to be listened to. Maybe the systems are no longer listening to people’s opinion. Maybe they are. Check out the documentary on normalisation.

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    1. I will, Nadia, thanks! I’m not sure the powers that be are listening anymore. Or maybe there’s just too much disparate opinion that no one knows how to handle it…

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