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The Library

She walks with purpose, head down, the end in sight until she reaches her spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a familiar face. She smiles, nods her head in acknowledgement. They continue their business. A few minutes pass and he stands and walks towards her. They share the table, one on each side facing each other. They know the task in hand; this isn’t the first time they’ve joined forces. He’s edges, she’s sky. The building commences. Conversation ensues while heads turn back and forth like a mini tennis match, her earrings batting her cheeks as she moves. img_6284

Through the window behind them, life continues. The lone, encompassing tree guarding the calm. Cleaners bustling through the aisles and people leaning into the titles both awkwardly yet with purpose, not wanting to sit or crouch, to choose their next read.

Hushed voices and sunlight echo through the open spaces and people drop in and out, some to spend time, others to grab and go. Art hangs on every wall, each piece evoking a different thought, space, moment in time. Many of the chairs sit empty and still, waiting for the next flurry of activity to soften their angularity.

The babe stirs. She gathers her belongings and thoughts, feeling renewed, energized, and inspired to begin anew.

There’s something about a library that brings me back to the important things in life: community, support, education, inspiration and openness to all.

Let me know what you think!

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