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Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

How different my birthdays are now to what they once were. When I was in my teens and twenties I would anticipate them for months on end. I’d plan elaborate nights out, look forward to fancy gifts and expect lots of fuss. Now the things that please me most are the people I love, the special words they send and the time we spend together. The best gifts came in the form of thoughts, messages, cuddles, kisses and FaceTimes from, and playdates with, my most favourite people.

Since moving away I’m realising more and more just how precious those moments are. I’m learning to appreciate those snippets of time more than I ever thought possible. Getting older has its negatives – hangovers are definitely something I can no longer handle; I have many more wrinkles than I would like; my greys are not rare, but commonplace, and I have to work considerably harder in the gym than I would like to admit. However, with age comes a sense of comfort; I feel more at ease with myself and my life than ever before, and I feel surrounded by special people (despite so many of them being so many miles away, and happily with some of the most special being right by my side). On this, my 36th birthday, I feel a very lucky lady.

The image I’ve chosen for this post is one I took this week from the 54th floor of a terrace in NYC. The colours, lighting, pace and busyness captured my heart. I was there was a friend of mine who was visiting for the week. We had a ball. It was one of those precious moments!


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