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30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

I’ve been thinking…

I want to become a better writer and to do that I need to write more. As challenging as it is to find the time to write while being a stay at home mum for half of the week and a working mum for the other half, if I want to get somewhere as a writer I have to make time for the craft. I’m going to start small, hence the 30-day challenge, but my research tells me that the act of writing daily will not only improve my writing but will help me to create a habit and habit means more words and more submissions to editors.

When writers submit work, many publications want you to provide images too. So, I plan to share at least one image with every post I write.

My goal is to write at least 500 words per day. Some days these words come easily other days, as likely every writer worth his or her salt will tell you, words are incredibly hard to find. This wisdom is another reason I know this will be a tough challenge, but also beneficial.

Please encourage me with comments or writing prompts if you can; I’d love to write what you want to read at the same time as practicing my art.

FYI, this post doesn’t count as today’s submission; I can’t cheat before I’ve begun!

Here we go…

2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing and Image Challenge”

    1. Anything and everything. The plan is to challenge myself where I can. Today’s piece is a simple observational passage. It’s a challenge because I’ve been planning to write it for a while, but I needed enough meat to make it worth writing. I’ll be publishing within the next few hours!


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