30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Psychology & Musings

Day 11: Inspiration from Strong Women

Today has been a funny sort of day. This morning I was wondering what I’d write next on the blog, so I asked some friends to share what they’d like to read. Then something happened to make me rethink my approach.

I opened my email and found written accounts from two important, brave and strong women in my life about their struggles with different chronic illnesses. They sent me their articles for different reasons, and it was just a coincidence that they landed in my inbox on the same day.

I hadn’t expected either of these women to share their thoughts with me, particularly not in written format. In fact, I didn’t know they were going through such intense struggles until I read their words.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the information I’d received; I couldn’t figure out what to feel. On the one hand, I was heartbroken that people I love are going through so much pain but on the other, I felt happy that they’d had the courage to write it down and share it with me.

At the same time as receiving these words my work was mounting up, I’d set myself a writing challenge that was getting tougher by the day, and my son needed me. I felt overwhelmed and nauseous. I needed to take a break.

Luckily, my husband came home just in time to take the reigns and I took an hour for me. I laid on my bed and did nothing but stared at the ceiling. I don’t remember when I last had, or gave myself, such time to reflect.

When I started this blog it was a way for me to share my thoughts and experiences. It was always meant to be a look at the world through my eyes.

“City Girl Walking: Exploring life, one footstep at a time.”

Be they observations, ideas, feelings, places or humour; they were my reflections on life. Sometimes people related to me and sometimes they didn’t, but my goal was to help others to see that it’s OK to speak out and say what matters to you.

Those motivations haven’t changed.

It can be difficult for people to talk about themselves; particularly if it’s about something personal. Sometimes that’s because they think people don’t want to listen, and sometimes it’s because they are scared to open up. Today I realized that by writing openly and honestly about my thoughts, I helped them to feel they could share their feelings with me.

I felt privileged to read their words and it helped me to rediscover my motivation to write what I value. I realised that my original goal still stands true; it’s good to share what’s within us and it’s healthy to have an outlet to express what matters to you, whatever that may be.

Thanks for sharing. You’re both an inspiration and I hope you continue to write; not for anyone else, but for yourself.

Let me know what you think!

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