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Day 14: Sausages and Tea Towels

Between games of ‘how-many-times-can-I-throw-my-spoon-on-the-floor-before-mummy-tears-every-hair-out-of-her-own-head’, to managing my son’s latest dance move, ‘the sausage’ – an ingenious position where he contorts his arms straight up into the air making himself as slippery as possible so that when I pick him up he slides through my hands like, well, a sausage – it’s been a somewhat colourful day…

Not only has my son become quite the acrobat, but our dishwasher also broke a couple of days ago so I’ve had to wash all of the dishes by hand. Yes. All. Of. The. Dishes. I know, I know, #firstworldproblems…

To add to this dismay, my son has figured out how to open the bottom drawer in our kitchen where we keep all of the tea towels and napkins. Every time I turned to wash another dish, place it on the dryer and turned back, he had decorated the floor with every tea towel we own. I tried moving him to the other side of the kitchen, but by the time I’d washed a fork and looked back at him, he was in that damned drawer and its contents were, once again, strewn across the floor like the leaves over my grass. We had the foresight to take the handles off the dangerous drawers – the ones with the sharp things in that could hurt him – but we didn’t consider taking the handles off the ones that can hurt me if I have to pick up those blooming tea towels of my floor one more time!

This was me trying to take a short break…

Just when I thought the day was done – 3 meals (and 3 spoon throwing games), 3 bottles of milk, 2 snacks, 5 games of sausage, 6 nappy changes, 1 bath, and 1 nap later (that’s right, just one, one-hour nap today) – I spot a lovely chunk of smeared biscuit on the kitchen rug. To be fair, I gave him the biscuit in attempt to create an interlude in his ‘singing’ so I can only blame myself for the extra work.

I guess no one ever told me parenting would be easy…

Despite today being one of the more challenging days, I loved spending it with my little dude. Every time he crawls up to me, babbling away and smiling from ear to ear, he makes me forget my troubles and sucks me into his carefree world. Even with the mountains of extra work he brings, he makes every day brighter.

Today’s featured image was sent to me by my friend who stayed with us last week. Each time I look at it, it reminds me why motherhood is worth every dish I wash and every tea towel I fold and put back in the drawer.

This little monster fills my days with more stress than I bring myself (and I’m the master at creating stress out of something that is inherently non-stressful), but makes my life more complete than I ever could have known without his mad and crazy ways. I can’t wait to see what moves he’s going to spring on me next!

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Sausages and Tea Towels”

  1. Put the plastic Tupperware and kiddie plates and cups in that drawer and let it be his kitchen play cupboard. When he wants to play but be near you and you have to cook, it will keep him going for a while. Just don’t trip over it all and burn yourself somehow!! 🤣😘

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