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Day 16: Clothes Shopping Without the Effort

Since my post on guilty pleasures, a few people have asked me about my Stitch Fix subscription; here’s the low down.

I’m no fashionista and I hate clothes shopping; more often than not, it’s just another thing on my to-do list. I never know what to buy and when I do I always seem to get the sizes wrong. It’s even harder now with my son in tow; I can tell about 5 minutes into eyeballing the first store he’s already performing the crab move to get out of his buggy. I try placating him with snacks and toys but, unless I want a screaming match in the fitting room, I know my time is up.

However, I like to look good, so I’m left with a dilemma. How do I get new clothes but avoid the shopping mall? How do I stop spending hours trawling internet clothing stores that bombard me with items I have no idea will suit me or fit me?

I signed up for a personal shopping service. I’d always thought such services were expensive and, frankly, out of my reach, but then I stumbled upon Stitch Fix.

Personal shopping within reach

Stitch Fix is a service that requires you to pay $20 every time you want a ‘fix’ of five items of clothing. Currently, I get a fix every two months. If you like their choices and decide to keep them, they take your $20 fee off the final bill.

When you sign up, they ask you to complete a profile describing your sizes, a general idea of what you like and don’t like, where you usually shop and how much you’re willing to spend. You can choose from brands that offer $10 tops to ones that sell $300 jeans, so there are plenty of choices.

They also have an app where they periodically show you images of clothes and you have to decide if you’ll wear them. Much like Tinder, but for clothes.

They package everything beautifully and add a note explaining their choices. They give you suggestions for what to wear with the clothes they’ve sent to you too.

The verdict

My first package was OK; I chose one item from the 5 but was left wondering how they got me so wrong with the other 4. My second package was better; I bought two of the items. This time their selections were much closer to my style and price range, but they weren’t the right fit. I think they’re learning.

To be fair, I can understand how it takes time to learn a client’s style, but I think they’re getting it quicker than I thought they would. How fast they learn is also down to how often you use the app to rate the styles they choose for you.

It’s a fantastic service for people who are short on time, are looking for new style inspiration outside of what they’d normally wear – they show you items beyond your style comfort zone – or, if like me, you hate shopping. I recommend giving it a go. They cater for men too!

*NB. I’m not sponsored by Stitch Fix.

Let me know what you think!

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