30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Parenting & Motherhood

Day 19: The Miracles of Childhood Development

For those of you who were expecting to see the next installment of last night’s story, I’ll write it soon. As that style of writing is unfamiliar to me, it took a lot of effort to construct. Today I’m back to writing what I know and love; tales of life. Plus, I’m dying to watch season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel so that’s trumping everything tonight! 

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came to visit with her little girl. Her daughter, who is about 5 weeks older than my son, was quietly playing in his playroom. Meanwhile, the rest of the mothers were tending to our higher maintenance kids and attempting to drink our, now cold, cups of coffee.

I was frantically mopping dribble from my baby’s chin when I looked up to see the little girl stacking my son’s blocks. I was taken aback at her precision and instantly curious to know if my son could do the same, so I stacked the blocks in front of him. He leaned over and bulldozed them with his hands.

Children develop at different rates

This fact is not news and, instinctively, I know so. I’ve been told it on numerous occasions by mothers, doctors, friends and family that my son will develop at his own pace. However, as I imagine all first mothers feel, when I saw the little girl stacking the blocks, I instantly panicked and was convinced my son was a dunce.

Less than four weeks later, as I was stood over the hob making my his oatmeal breakfast, I could hear him scuttling on the floor at my feet. I looked down expecting to see him making his usual trouble when I was shocked to see him with deep concentration stacking his alphabet blocks.

Now he suddenly seems to have taken a developmental leap. He engages with us in all sorts of ways. He stacks all kinds of objects, pushes chairs and his highchair around the kitchen making me play a game of musical chairs every time I stand up. It’s got to the point where I don’t want to leave my chair because I know I’m going to have to go to the other side of the kitchen to fetch it again before I can sit down. He plays hide and seek and finds it hilarious when he sees my face again, and he’s able to open every drawer, cupboard and door in the entire house. I feel like my son is a genius.


Seriously, I’m not that deluded. I know my son isn’t a genius; children grow and develop and do things us parents think are amazing all of the time when they are developing into functioning people at a perfectly normal rate. However, as a first-time parent, it certainly feels like we’re venturing into genius territory!

Something I am sure of is that so far, being a parent is taking me on the most incredible journey of firsts, stress, love, angst, disbelief, and more love; more than I ever could have imagined. I look back at pictures of my little boy and I can’t believe only a few months ago he was just a little bean in my tummy. I feel sure I am the luckiest lady living.



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