30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Parenting & Motherhood

Day 22: We Can and We Shall

There are days when life is busy; when every time we tick something off the ‘to do’ list three more tasks magically appear. When tomorrow becomes more important than today; when we forget that every moment matters. On those days, we stop noticing.

These are the days when tension rises with every thought; when stress mounts as we are expected to do more, be more, and stand tall. These are the days when we get closer to breaking with every breath we take.

It’s then, if we’re attuned, that we stop. We quieten the voices in our heads telling us what we must do, see, hear, and achieve. We stop to see that the world around us is not fraught with angst, screaming at us to be better, to be stronger and to give more. We feel only calm. We realise that the heat is within us, and only we can put out the fire.

We stop. We notice. We are present.

If we are lucky, sometimes, our souls find their own way to what we need most. We see what’s important, what matters and what lights a different fire; the one we want to burn brightly.

We see the flecks of green in his predominantly brown eyes. We notice his soft, fluffy hair standing to static attention on his fragile head. We catch a glimpse of the fresh skin on the soles of his tiny feet. We absorb every last ounce. We are grateful for our lot.

Finding mindful moments

When stress takes hold, it’s difficult to bring yourself back to the moment. To take yourself out of your own head when you’re trying to find a way through the mud is like leaving the table mid-way through your favourite meal; it wrenches.

By putting our worries and concerns to the back of our thoughts every once in a while, we collect ‘now’ moments. Every ‘now’ moment in your moment bank is an antidote to those times when life gets tough. They are not always easy to collect, even though they happen all around us every single day, but the more we collect, the richer we become.

When we’re moment rich, we turn off the voices that tell us we can’t, or that we shouldn’t, or that we mustn’t, and we find we are capable of anything.


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