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Day 24: England Eve

It’s here!

We leave for England tomorrow morning! Our bags are packed, there are only 12 days of advent calendar doors to open, and we’re ready to eat mince pies until we’re bursting!

I think everything my son and I own is in my suitcase. Despite this fact, it’s less important what’s in the suitcase and more about what I’ve packed for the plane. That’s the thing with flying with a small person; it doesn’t matter how long the flight, they need entertaining at every single moment. You must have toys, ‘non-toy’ toys, mama’s toys, meals, snacks and various changes of clothes – because you never know when the baby is going to have a shitting or puking moment – on hand at all times. It’s only the second time I’ve done this so I know I’m still over packing. I will take photographic evidence of me as the pack horse tomorrow morning…

Collecting those special moments

The baby doesn’t know what’s happening, but my excitement is high. We don’t see our family much; it’s been four months since our last trip home and since my son saw his grandparents and aunts. They are bursting at the seems to hug him (and us… I think… my son does seem to get most of the FaceTime minutes these days…).

We lucky to be spending a month in England this trip; something we can do thanks to my flexible working arrangements and my hubby’s hard work in his job. Since it’s Christmas, I think it’s OK to write a soppy word or two about how lucky I feel to have him. He doesn’t read these posts, but he’d be pretty mad to see this in here so let’s keep that between us. 😉

Santa and his festive cheer are coming!

Santa (aka the grandparents) have stocked up with toys and goodies and there are trips to see the Big Guy planned. We’re going to see Fenwick’s window too; this was one of my favourite things to do at Christmas time when I was growing up. Fenwick’s is a large department store on the most prominent street in Newcastle Upon Tyne’s city centre. It’s always chaotic, so I’m hopeful we can get close enough to see it!

I think that’s one of the most wonderful things about having children; the experience of introducing them to the things that brought you so much happiness as a child. This Christmas feels like the most special one we’ve had to date because he’s able to register what’s happening and get joy out of the things that make the festive season so special.

Right, it’s time to put the last few things in the suitcase and get an early night. See you on the other side of the pond!

A little thing I noticed today

This post is my 100th blog for City Girl Walking. I guess you could call it City Girl Walking’s birthday! Here’s to many more hours spent sharing words, moments and sometimes a few laughs (I hope!).

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