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Day 25: Baby & Mama Flying Solo

Today is the second time I’ve flown solo with my son. Last time he was 10 months old; now, he is just approaching 14 months. The feature picture is him playing in the airport lounge before we boarded on our last trip. Shortly after this picture was taken, I took my eyes off him for a minute to send the picture to daddy. This happened:


It looks a lot worse than it was, and yes, I did feel like a terrible mother. He knocked his head on the table you see in the first picture. Thankfully, within 15 minutes the redness had gone. Daddy doesn’t know about this small mishap so, like yesterday, let’s keep that one between us…

I put this picture in here to show the hard time parents have when we have to look after our kids alone. You can’t take your eyes off them for one second. Now imagine a 7-hour flight with an even more mobile toddler. Oh, joy.

Always lovely for daddy

Last time, we flew the outbound flight with daddy and our son was a dream. He slept for three of the seven hours, leaving hubby and me to drink champagne and watch films in blissful peace. For the remainder of the flight, he played quietly and everyone commented on our placid child.

The return journey, when it was only me and my son, was a different story.

My bag was fully stocked with all of the in-flight necessities (as I mentioned in my previous post), so our trip began well…

Unfortunately, things only entertain them for a few minutes at a time, so you need to have a constant stream of new items to keep them busy. I find a relay of soft toys, hard toys, noisy toys, lunch, milk and snacks works well. You never want to offer the same type of entertainment in close succession or you reduce the entertainment value significantly. I found this out the hard way.

At the end of the flight, the woman sat next to us turned, looked at me and said cheerily: “did you guys enjoy the flight?” I looked at her with knowing eyes. With the same look back she said: “it didn’t sound like he did…” This summed up our flight.

It’s safe to say we will certainly miss daddy on this trip!

Today’s flight

Last time, I was nervous before we flew. I didn’t know how I would handle the situation if things got challenging. Now I know I can handle whatever is thrown at me and, if I can’t, there’s always a kind person somewhere that will lend a hand. This time I’m going in with an ‘ah, fuck it’ kind of attitude. What will be will be. A sneaky glass of champagne will help me along and, for the rest of it, we’ll plod on knowing we’re going home to be with the people we love.

Wish us luck!

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