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Day 3: “She likes to cook a bit”

Parenting is work One thing I didn't bargain for on becoming a mother is that parenting is relentless. Rewarding, but relentless all the same; babies can do little for themselves. They can't use the toilet, they can't put clothes on (they can, incidentally, take clothes off, but this is usually less than useful) and they struggle… Continue reading Day 3: “She likes to cook a bit”

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When Coffee Calls

It looks black in the pot but, as I pour, the chocolatey silkiness seeps into my pupils. Drop drop: it spills the familiar spill. Every time I think “I must buy a new pot” and every time I forget as I get swept up in the buzz of the caffeine high. It’s a dull day… Continue reading When Coffee Calls

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A Rare Night Off

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went for a birthday dinner at The Schoolhouse in Cannondale. The Schoolhouse is a small, but perfectly formed treasure in the heart of the historic Cannondale village. I wrote a piece on Cannondale a few weeks back and in 2017 The Wilton Bulletin featured an article… Continue reading A Rare Night Off

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Sustenance – The Cheat’s Way 

Since arriving in the States, there one culinary delight that I've missed more than any other; more than a good cup of tea (although that's come close), more than a breakfast cereal that isn't coated in a 2 inch thick layer of sugar (although again I've considered bringing a suitcase of Alpen back with me),… Continue reading Sustenance – The Cheat’s Way 

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Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

Now that our home has taken shape and we've been freed from the weekends of furniture shopping and fund deficits, our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for a spot of fun and exploration. This weekend started with a Friday evening jig at a local country music concert in a neighbouring town of Darien. I… Continue reading Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

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Road Tripping Catskills, NY

Driving over Tappen Zee Bridge, one of the gateways over the Hudson, we began to get a feel for the mountainous terrain that towered in front of us. My husband had decided this would be an interesting place for us to visit, namely because it is one of the big ski areas in NY State and… Continue reading Road Tripping Catskills, NY

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Expat Wife Life

We're four and a half weeks in. Now that we're beginning to settle into expat life, many people are asking what we're doing with our time and how it feels now that it's not so new anymore. Well, I have to admit, possibly much to the dismay of many friends and family who are hoping… Continue reading Expat Wife Life

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Exploding Tomatoes

After a morning of moping and reflecting, I dragged myself out of bed, showered, put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and a little bit of lipstick and ventured into town. It's amazing what a "bit gip" can do.