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Day 27: Back in London

How could I forget that in London it rains? Frequently. I packed for the cold; the weather is much like it is in NYC right now, but the rain is something I forgot to factor. The 'inclement weather', as it's typically described on London Underground, surprises me as I walk out of the house, even… Continue reading Day 27: Back in London

30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Psychology & Wellbeing

Day 15: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Some of you may have been put off by today's title, and trust me, I wondered whether to broach this subject, but I believe it's such an important topic that I couldn't not. Yesterday, when I was listening to BBC Radio 1, Professor Green came on as a guest to talk about mental health. For… Continue reading Day 15: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Psychology & Musings, Psychology & Wellbeing

30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

I've been thinking... I want to become a better writer and to do that I need to write more. As challenging as it is to find the time to write while being a stay at home mum for half of the week and a working mum for the other half, if I want to get… Continue reading 30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

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Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

How different my birthdays are now to what they once were. When I was in my teens and twenties I would anticipate them for months on end. I'd plan elaborate nights out, look forward to fancy gifts and expect lots of fuss. Now the things that please me most are the people I love, the… Continue reading Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

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The Library

She walks with purpose, head down, the end in sight until she reaches her spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a familiar face. She smiles, nods her head in acknowledgement. They continue their business. A few minutes pass and he stands and walks towards her. They share the table, one on… Continue reading The Library

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Seeing The Other

She's shouting, loudly, although many don't hear her. She wants them to see; to see what she sees. He creates and builds, momentum high, pushing through the resistance. They need to understand. He knows he can do it better and bring something they don't have. If only they knew what he knew. She shares more;… Continue reading Seeing The Other

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Mindful Moments

It's quiet. How long do I have? I check the clock. He's had 30 minutes. Will this be a long nap or a short one? I rush to shower. I dress, but wonder 'How important is make-up today?' Is it worth those extra few precious minutes? I begin applying eyeshadow. I try to still my… Continue reading Mindful Moments

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When Coffee Calls

It looks black in the pot but, as I pour, the chocolatey silkiness seeps into my pupils. Drop drop: it spills the familiar spill. Every time I think “I must buy a new pot” and every time I forget as I get swept up in the buzz of the caffeine high. It’s a dull day… Continue reading When Coffee Calls