My Perspective


Life is about variety. It’s trying new things, new places, and new perspectives. It’s being open to change and accepting differences. It’s spending time with the people you love and doing the things that make you feel alive. It’s being a social butterfly and quiet ponderer. It’s letting your creativity shine through in ways that reflect your individuality and not allowing anyone to squash it. It’s being brave and kind. It’s caring for others even when they hurt you. It’s about being the best you.

I aim for these things, but many times I fall short. I’m learning with children it’s even harder to be everything I want to be because as parents we sacrifice so much of ourselves to give our children the best. Despite the challenges, remaining true to myself as a mother, daughter, wife, and friend is what makes me unique and able to give the most to all of my relationships. Every day I’m learning to be better, stronger, and more me.