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Day 9: Connecticut Gems

Connecticut is one of those states that when you tell people about it they look at you blankly because they've never heard of it and have no idea where it is. They know New York state, for obvious reasons, and they've often heard of Massachusetts because they know Boston, but Connecticut is usually the forgotten… Continue reading Day 9: Connecticut Gems

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30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

I've been thinking... I want to become a better writer and to do that I need to write more. As challenging as it is to find the time to write while being a stay at home mum for half of the week and a working mum for the other half, if I want to get… Continue reading 30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

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Arty Farty

Art galleries are some of my favourite places to be. My mum always took me to them when I was a child and spent time educating me about the different artists and artistic approaches. I don't claim to know much, but I know there are certain periods and types of art I'm more drawn to… Continue reading Arty Farty