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Day 13: New England Magic

We're lucky to live on a Connecticut road that is sandwiched between the two beautiful towns of Wilton and New Canaan. These charming towns date back to the late 1700s, and aren't what I would call typical American towns; they have unique New England beuaty. A hallmark of New England is that the surrounding country… Continue reading Day 13: New England Magic

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Road Tripping to MA and RI

It's been a few days since my last post which means we've been busy! I didn't post yesterday because Monday is 'food shopping and catch up on washing from the weekend' day. Plus I got lost in a book and only emerged feeling fresh this morning. So, here's the latest instalment of expat life at… Continue reading Road Tripping to MA and RI

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Stateside Alien

This morning I feel shellshocked. Don't panic, it's nothing serious, I'm just a Stateside alien struggling to adapt to life across the pond. My day started with a barrage of phone calls I needed to make to cancel forgotten direct debits and payments coming out of my UK bank account. When leaving one country for another,… Continue reading Stateside Alien

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Massages and Chia Bites 

Today has been... an experience. Some good bits some, well, let's call them interesting bits.  This morning I stopped in for my morning Starbucks while catching up on a bit of work blogging. As I wrote I glanced at my nails and noticed it was time for a bit of maintenance. I'd walked past a… Continue reading Massages and Chia Bites 

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Budding Photographer

As I walked through Canary Wharf, new fancy camera in hand, I looked for the things I loved most about living in this crazy metropolis. The busy streets that I know will quieten down after the workers leave to go home to their families. The monstrous buildings which display contours of elegance in the right… Continue reading Budding Photographer