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Playing at Being a New Yorker

I'm currently sat in the New York Library typing this. I've walked past this building a few times on my minimal visits to the City but this is the first time I've been inside. It's beautifully grand, but it's certainly not made for comfort. I'm sat in an awkward wooden chair surrounded by gold clad… Continue reading Playing at Being a New Yorker

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I Exist!

Adjusting the mirrors in our 4x4 after dropping my husband at work, the realisation suddenly dawns on me, I exist. For the last two months of our adventure in the States, I've been without authorisation to work (EAD) and without a social security number. In the U.S., I was a nobody. On Friday evening my… Continue reading I Exist!

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Only Boring People Get Bored….

So, my work life frustration is why the blogs have been a bit quiet. However, today, after a mini outburst about being bored over breakfast this morning, I decided to listen to the adage 'only boring people get bored' and start writing again.

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It’s Happening

Over the last few days I've been knee deep in boxes, furniture building, lifting, carrying, organising, sorting, tidying and homemaking. For the first time, I've felt like a Real Housewife. Not one of those from Orange County or Beverly Hills, but one from somewhere local, down to earth, and well, normal. Being the homemaker has… Continue reading It’s Happening

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Laying Bare

Recently, I've written a lot. With so many words flying around the pages I began to wonder what was driving me to churn out so much content. So, I started to reflect on my writing journey so far. I began blogging about four years ago. I remember my first post well. I was at work… Continue reading Laying Bare

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I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes

I’ve just stolen 20 minutes from my ridiculously hectic day. Today I am project manager, trainer, writer, conversationalist, and housewife and to add to my list of feats, laden with the female version of man flu. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. But, since I’ve managed to steal a rare slot in my day… Continue reading I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes