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Mumbai Times

As we drove home, I was complaining about being tired because I'd spent the day trying to achieve things and I felt like I'd achieved nothing due to forever getting lost. I was mumbling and bumbling away, about how I hadn't got around to getting anything for dinner and how I felt bad because since… Continue reading Mumbai Times

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It’s Real

Today it hit me. I live in the U.S of A. Not England. The place where a good cup of tea is on tap; where shop assistants don't gush friendly chit chat at you when you walk through the shop door, where I can get a pint of London Pride on almost every corner. And,… Continue reading It’s Real

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Expat Eyes – This time feels different

My Story. In about six weeks from today, I plan to be making the move Stateside. This isn't my first big move, although it is my first move abroad. About ten years ago I packed a suitcase or two and bundled down from the good old Northern British city of Newcastle to explore the bright lights… Continue reading Expat Eyes – This time feels different

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Budding Photographer

As I walked through Canary Wharf, new fancy camera in hand, I looked for the things I loved most about living in this crazy metropolis. The busy streets that I know will quieten down after the workers leave to go home to their families. The monstrous buildings which display contours of elegance in the right… Continue reading Budding Photographer

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City Living

Waking up to the all too proximal, sound of pneumatic drills; I wonder how they are finding more space to build on this already crowded island. I see another Manhatten in the midst. I can hear the humdrum, but I can’t see it happening. I’m far enough away that the incessant noise isn’t quite on… Continue reading City Living

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The Contrasts of East London

The East is the area of London that most reminds me of Manhattan; it is a region of contrasts: with its trendy students and vintage lovers occupying the likes of Shoreditch and Old Street; the bankers who stream in and out of Liverpool Street, Bank, Moorgate and Canary Wharf every weekday, and the streets of Whitechapel,… Continue reading The Contrasts of East London

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Inner city suburbia where you’d least expect it

Photo from Garry Knight at Flickr London... the city where dreams come true... that's what brought me here back in the autumn of 2004. I wasn't wrong. Perhaps not the opportunities I expected, but opportunities non the less! Over the time that I lived in the Big City I've lived North, South, East and West,… Continue reading Inner city suburbia where you’d least expect it