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Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

During the summer months, the town of Stamford, CT hosts concerts by a range of artists. These concerts make up the series Alive @ 5. When I discovered the event, I checked to see what was coming up. I scrolled through the list to see name after name I didn't recognise, (apart from Shaggy on the… Continue reading Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

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Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

Now that our home has taken shape and we've been freed from the weekends of furniture shopping and fund deficits, our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for a spot of fun and exploration. This weekend started with a Friday evening jig at a local country music concert in a neighbouring town of Darien. I… Continue reading Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

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Flat-Pack Frenzy

My husband's favourite phrase is 'just get it done'. This phrase, in part, is his way of motivating me to get off my bum and do something, but it's also his insane need to have a to do list that contains zero items. If he has a to-do list, he must cross everything off before he… Continue reading Flat-Pack Frenzy

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Exploding Tomatoes

After a morning of moping and reflecting, I dragged myself out of bed, showered, put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and a little bit of lipstick and ventured into town. It's amazing what a "bit gip" can do.

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Go Ask Barb

After my last, slightly downbeat, post about the trials and tribulations of life as an expat, I've gone back to my usual upbeat posting style for a review of our Sunday exploration up north. Much like normal life, despite the rough bits, there are plenty of good times too. This weekend is Memorial Weekend and on Memorial Weekend there are two things Americans like to do.

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Stateside Alien

This morning I feel shellshocked. Don't panic, it's nothing serious, I'm just a Stateside alien struggling to adapt to life across the pond. My day started with a barrage of phone calls I needed to make to cancel forgotten direct debits and payments coming out of my UK bank account. When leaving one country for another,… Continue reading Stateside Alien

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It’s Real

Today it hit me. I live in the U.S of A. Not England. The place where a good cup of tea is on tap; where shop assistants don't gush friendly chit chat at you when you walk through the shop door, where I can get a pint of London Pride on almost every corner. And,… Continue reading It’s Real

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Expat Eyes – This time feels different

My Story. In about six weeks from today, I plan to be making the move Stateside. This isn't my first big move, although it is my first move abroad. About ten years ago I packed a suitcase or two and bundled down from the good old Northern British city of Newcastle to explore the bright lights… Continue reading Expat Eyes – This time feels different