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Arty Farty

Art galleries are some of my favourite places to be. My mum always took me to them when I was a child and spent time educating me about the different artists and artistic approaches. I don't claim to know much, but I know there are certain periods and types of art I'm more drawn to… Continue reading Arty Farty

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Moving to a New City – Blogging for Jambo

Today's post includes answers to a few questions I was asked by the owner and founder of Jambo, a brand new app designed to help expats and work travellers make friends when they arrive in new places. The app is still in it's design phase, but should be launching very soon!  What’s it like moving… Continue reading Moving to a New City – Blogging for Jambo

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We’re just the same, me and you.

So, i've been in the US for 7 days now - i'm living in friends house in a town called Stamford, travelling to Greenwich to drop my partner at work everyday and generally spending most of my time pottering around in suburbia, drinking a lot of coffee. For a few days now I've been pondering… Continue reading We’re just the same, me and you.