30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Food & Drink

Day 21: Everything in Moderation

Confusion is rife The media - social, online & offline - is full of advice about what we should and shouldn't eat. Bookshops are bursting with books on the latest and greatest diets; low fat, high fat, low carb, low salt, the Mediterranean diet, the Keto diet, the Paleo diet, the Vegan diet and the… Continue reading Day 21: Everything in Moderation

30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Psychology & Wellbeing

Day 15: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Some of you may have been put off by today's title, and trust me, I wondered whether to broach this subject, but I believe it's such an important topic that I couldn't not. Yesterday, when I was listening to BBC Radio 1, Professor Green came on as a guest to talk about mental health. For… Continue reading Day 15: Let’s Talk About Mental Health


Everything in Moderation

"Moderation is the key of lasting enjoyment." -- Hosea Ballou As an English Rose, coming to the US everything seems large. From the drink carton I saw the visa security man drinking as I came through JFK, to the size of a pretzel: and any other food or beverage item I seem to order. Many… Continue reading Everything in Moderation