30 Day Writing & Image Challenge, Psychology & Musings

Day 11: Inspiration from Strong Women

Today has been a funny sort of day. This morning I was wondering what I'd write next on the blog, so I asked some friends to share what they'd like to read. Then something happened to make me rethink my approach. I opened my email and found written accounts from two important, brave and strong… Continue reading Day 11: Inspiration from Strong Women

Psychology & Wellbeing

Eighty-Six and Ninety-Two

Eighty-six and ninety-two fill the room with a history the young can capture only from textbooks. Minds still alive as ever before memory very much in tact but trapped in their broken exteriors. Fortunately, like many before them, they have adapted to their failing limbs and tired bodies. Reaching up is not an option, so… Continue reading Eighty-Six and Ninety-Two