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Flat-Pack Frenzy

My husband's favourite phrase is 'just get it done'. This phrase, in part, is his way of motivating me to get off my bum and do something, but it's also his insane need to have a to do list that contains zero items. If he has a to-do list, he must cross everything off before he… Continue reading Flat-Pack Frenzy

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Expat Wife Life

We're four and a half weeks in. Now that we're beginning to settle into expat life, many people are asking what we're doing with our time and how it feels now that it's not so new anymore. Well, I have to admit, possibly much to the dismay of many friends and family who are hoping… Continue reading Expat Wife Life

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Mumbai Times

As we drove home, I was complaining about being tired because I'd spent the day trying to achieve things and I felt like I'd achieved nothing due to forever getting lost. I was mumbling and bumbling away, about how I hadn't got around to getting anything for dinner and how I felt bad because since… Continue reading Mumbai Times