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Day 28: What Makes an English Pub?

I've been resident on the East Coast of North America for almost four years, and there are still things I miss about England. The English pub is most certainly one of them. An English pub is not to be mistaken for a bar. There are significant differences between pubs and bars. In America, so far… Continue reading Day 28: What Makes an English Pub?

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Day 27: Back in London

How could I forget that in London it rains? Frequently. I packed for the cold; the weather is much like it is in NYC right now, but the rain is something I forgot to factor. The 'inclement weather', as it's typically described on London Underground, surprises me as I walk out of the house, even… Continue reading Day 27: Back in London

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Playing at Being a New Yorker

I'm currently sat in the New York Library typing this. I've walked past this building a few times on my minimal visits to the City but this is the first time I've been inside. It's beautifully grand, but it's certainly not made for comfort. I'm sat in an awkward wooden chair surrounded by gold clad… Continue reading Playing at Being a New Yorker

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Only Boring People Get Bored….

So, my work life frustration is why the blogs have been a bit quiet. However, today, after a mini outburst about being bored over breakfast this morning, I decided to listen to the adage 'only boring people get bored' and start writing again.

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It’s Happening

Over the last few days I've been knee deep in boxes, furniture building, lifting, carrying, organising, sorting, tidying and homemaking. For the first time, I've felt like a Real Housewife. Not one of those from Orange County or Beverly Hills, but one from somewhere local, down to earth, and well, normal. Being the homemaker has… Continue reading It’s Happening

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Mumbai Times

As we drove home, I was complaining about being tired because I'd spent the day trying to achieve things and I felt like I'd achieved nothing due to forever getting lost. I was mumbling and bumbling away, about how I hadn't got around to getting anything for dinner and how I felt bad because since… Continue reading Mumbai Times

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It’s Real

Today it hit me. I live in the U.S of A. Not England. The place where a good cup of tea is on tap; where shop assistants don't gush friendly chit chat at you when you walk through the shop door, where I can get a pint of London Pride on almost every corner. And,… Continue reading It’s Real

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Expat Eyes – This time feels different

My Story. In about six weeks from today, I plan to be making the move Stateside. This isn't my first big move, although it is my first move abroad. About ten years ago I packed a suitcase or two and bundled down from the good old Northern British city of Newcastle to explore the bright lights… Continue reading Expat Eyes – This time feels different

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Capturing the South Bank

I was given a new camera as a birthday gift last November and I realised I was able to take better photographs than I was on a phone, mainly due to higher zoom and more pixels, but I wasn't using anywhere near the capability the camera could offer me. So today I went on a… Continue reading Capturing the South Bank