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Day 6: Mothering Tips From My Hairdresser

Being a mother is hard. There, I said it. There are days when I feel so much love for my son that I think my heart might spontaneously combust. Then there are days when I want to walk out of the house, get a cup of coffee and pretend it’s just me again. No child,… Continue reading Day 6: Mothering Tips From My Hairdresser

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Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

How different my birthdays are now to what they once were. When I was in my teens and twenties I would anticipate them for months on end. I'd plan elaborate nights out, look forward to fancy gifts and expect lots of fuss. Now the things that please me most are the people I love, the… Continue reading Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

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No one can make you do or feel

Human nature drives us to need a purpose to survive in life, but often the purpose we follow is arbitrarily placed on us by someone else. Image source Unfortunately, many of us allow others to influence what we do, say, or feel. Be it the print or social media, peers or celebrities. But, if we… Continue reading No one can make you do or feel

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I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes

I’ve just stolen 20 minutes from my ridiculously hectic day. Today I am project manager, trainer, writer, conversationalist, and housewife and to add to my list of feats, laden with the female version of man flu. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. But, since I’ve managed to steal a rare slot in my day… Continue reading I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes

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Alone in the U.S of A

The great thing about exploring alone, is that you're alone. How often in life are we truly alone and happy about it? Sure, many of us are alone and longing for that special someone to wile away the days with (I'm lucky, I've met my special someone, which might be why I can appreciate my… Continue reading Alone in the U.S of A