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The Library

She walks with purpose, head down, the end in sight until she reaches her spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a familiar face. She smiles, nods her head in acknowledgement. They continue their business. A few minutes pass and he stands and walks towards her. They share the table, one on… Continue reading The Library

Psychology & Musings, Psychology & Wellbeing

Seeing The Other

She's shouting, loudly, although many don't hear her. She wants them to see; to see what she sees. He creates and builds, momentum high, pushing through the resistance. They need to understand. He knows he can do it better and bring something they don't have. If only they knew what he knew. She shares more;… Continue reading Seeing The Other

Psychology & Wellbeing

No one can make you do or feel

Human nature drives us to need a purpose to survive in life, but often the purpose we follow is arbitrarily placed on us by someone else. Image source Unfortunately, many of us allow others to influence what we do, say, or feel. Be it the print or social media, peers or celebrities. But, if we… Continue reading No one can make you do or feel