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Road Tripping Catskills, NY

Driving over Tappen Zee Bridge, one of the gateways over the Hudson, we began to get a feel for the mountainous terrain that towered in front of us. My husband had decided this would be an interesting place for us to visit, namely because it is one of the big ski areas in NY State and… Continue reading Road Tripping Catskills, NY

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Hot and Sticky in New York City

I thought spending time in New York City would make me miss city living, and miss the bright lights of London, but it didn't. I was so happy to come home to my quiet neighbourhood in Stamford at the end of a long day trudging the flamboyant, bustling streets of the metropolis. Maybe it's an age thing, but as much as I love the city, I love suburbia more.

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Expat Eyes – This time feels different

My Story. In about six weeks from today, I plan to be making the move Stateside. This isn't my first big move, although it is my first move abroad. About ten years ago I packed a suitcase or two and bundled down from the good old Northern British city of Newcastle to explore the bright lights… Continue reading Expat Eyes – This time feels different