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30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

I've been thinking... I want to become a better writer and to do that I need to write more. As challenging as it is to find the time to write while being a stay at home mum for half of the week and a working mum for the other half, if I want to get… Continue reading 30 Day Writing and Image Challenge

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Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

How different my birthdays are now to what they once were. When I was in my teens and twenties I would anticipate them for months on end. I'd plan elaborate nights out, look forward to fancy gifts and expect lots of fuss. Now the things that please me most are the people I love, the… Continue reading Feeling Lucky – Birthday Pondering

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Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

During the summer months, the town of Stamford, CT hosts concerts by a range of artists. These concerts make up the series Alive @ 5. When I discovered the event, I checked to see what was coming up. I scrolled through the list to see name after name I didn't recognise, (apart from Shaggy on the… Continue reading Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

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Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

Now that our home has taken shape and we've been freed from the weekends of furniture shopping and fund deficits, our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for a spot of fun and exploration. This weekend started with a Friday evening jig at a local country music concert in a neighbouring town of Darien. I… Continue reading Jigs, Grobs and Cobs

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Road Tripping Catskills, NY

Driving over Tappen Zee Bridge, one of the gateways over the Hudson, we began to get a feel for the mountainous terrain that towered in front of us. My husband had decided this would be an interesting place for us to visit, namely because it is one of the big ski areas in NY State and… Continue reading Road Tripping Catskills, NY

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Road Tripping to MA and RI

It's been a few days since my last post which means we've been busy! I didn't post yesterday because Monday is 'food shopping and catch up on washing from the weekend' day. Plus I got lost in a book and only emerged feeling fresh this morning. So, here's the latest instalment of expat life at… Continue reading Road Tripping to MA and RI

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Capturing the South Bank

I was given a new camera as a birthday gift last November and I realised I was able to take better photographs than I was on a phone, mainly due to higher zoom and more pixels, but I wasn't using anywhere near the capability the camera could offer me. So today I went on a… Continue reading Capturing the South Bank

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Budding Photographer

As I walked through Canary Wharf, new fancy camera in hand, I looked for the things I loved most about living in this crazy metropolis. The busy streets that I know will quieten down after the workers leave to go home to their families. The monstrous buildings which display contours of elegance in the right… Continue reading Budding Photographer