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Day 6: Mothering Tips From My Hairdresser

Being a mother is hard. There, I said it. There are days when I feel so much love for my son that I think my heart might spontaneously combust. Then there are days when I want to walk out of the house, get a cup of coffee and pretend it’s just me again. No child,… Continue reading Day 6: Mothering Tips From My Hairdresser

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The Library

She walks with purpose, head down, the end in sight until she reaches her spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a familiar face. She smiles, nods her head in acknowledgement. They continue their business. A few minutes pass and he stands and walks towards her. They share the table, one on… Continue reading The Library

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Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

During the summer months, the town of Stamford, CT hosts concerts by a range of artists. These concerts make up the series Alive @ 5. When I discovered the event, I checked to see what was coming up. I scrolled through the list to see name after name I didn't recognise, (apart from Shaggy on the… Continue reading Reliving my youth – Boyz 2 Men style

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Stateside Alien

This morning I feel shellshocked. Don't panic, it's nothing serious, I'm just a Stateside alien struggling to adapt to life across the pond. My day started with a barrage of phone calls I needed to make to cancel forgotten direct debits and payments coming out of my UK bank account. When leaving one country for another,… Continue reading Stateside Alien

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Laying Bare

Recently, I've written a lot. With so many words flying around the pages I began to wonder what was driving me to churn out so much content. So, I started to reflect on my writing journey so far. I began blogging about four years ago. I remember my first post well. I was at work… Continue reading Laying Bare

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The Streets in the Rain

Faces hidden by hoods and umbrellas, Streets so quiet; we must hide from the cold and rain. Dodging puddles in inappropriate shoes, Pace quickens. Laptops shielding the inside of every café; Inspiration buried in the cloudy skies. Looking for respite, pit stop chosen. Hot wholesome food the saviour. Image source

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I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes

I’ve just stolen 20 minutes from my ridiculously hectic day. Today I am project manager, trainer, writer, conversationalist, and housewife and to add to my list of feats, laden with the female version of man flu. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. But, since I’ve managed to steal a rare slot in my day… Continue reading I’ve Just Stolen 20 Minutes